Jérémy Landes-Nones

  1. I'm an independent type and graphic designer from the South-West of France and currently living in Paris. I'm one of the co-pilots of the well-known Velvetyne Type Foundry. When I'm bored, I conduct type and graphic workshops with children at the Club des Enfants Parisiens, with young adults at the Campus de la Fonderie de l'Image or with my VTF pals at La Générale. Teaching, y'know.


    I'm available for graphic design, lettering or custom type-design missions.

    Please feel free to contact me.


    You can also download my Curriculum Vitae.

    Finally, you can follow me on twitter, on tumblr on dribbble or on github.


  2. I design fonts

    Millimetre is a series of fonts constructed on a grid based on the metric system and distributed by Velvetyne Type Foundry. It follows the decimal logic of this system. Each em is vertically and horizontally divided in 10 units on the which are aligned the strokes of the fonts. Printed at a 1 cm size, the strokes of the regular will be 1 mm thick. Both white spaces and black stems fit on this grid.

    Read more, download the specimen, or download the font itsel on Velvetyne.

    Millimetre is a libre and open-source font currently still in developpment. Contribute on github.

  3. Poster by AAAAA

    Poster by AAAAA

    I asked 9 design studios, graphic designers and illustrators de make posters with my Millimetre typeface. They each show a different side of the font. You can see some photos of the exhibition of these posters for the launch of Millimetre.

  4. Monoslab, a clever mono font with 4 widths inside to play with. In progress. The more space you give to Monoslab, the wider it becomes, like an invading friend who squats in you appartement. Its goal is to occupy all the space of the page.

  5. Monosans, the lineal side of the Monoslab project. Simplier shapes for a more playful typeface.

  6. Diamant dur begun as a custom typeface for a brand of bling bling trousers. Now it lives its own life of excesses and stars.

  7. Dismoi, I don't really know what I wanted to do with you. A typeface I began for a project with Atelier AAAAA.

  8. This collection of unique alphabets for the Cabinet d’écriture of Louis Vuitton is designed to bring back to reality the long history of the 19th and early 20th century engraved French style. Together with Sonia da Rocha and Jean-François Porchez, We conducted research based on Vuitton archives, worked closely with Vuitton design team during more than a year. The printing on special papers, using a tailored range of colors is done through copper-plate engraving, stamping, in a pure French savoir-faire. The typeface collection is exclusively used for Vuitton bespoke stationery and personalizable writing materials.

  9. Duvel font family, inspired by the Belgian city of Ghent.

  10. Lettreur Étroit, a typeface inspired by the lettering I once made in a bar.

  11. Nuit Blanche, the truthfully inovating idea of a blackletter without curves.

  12. I'm part of the Velvetyne Type Foundry

    With the Velvetyne Type Foundry (call us VTF), we have been designing and distributing libre typefaces for 5 years. With 16 designers published and more than 100 typeface designed, we try to sensibilize people about the open-source concern with ass-kicking and punk typefaces.

  13. Here are poster showing some of our typefaces. You can download all of them on the VTF website. Enjoy.

  14. We organize open-source workshops several times a year. Most of them took part at La Générale. Find more informations about each workshop here.

  15. Je coupe à cœur

    I designed and silk screen printed a card game with VTF typefaces. Frank Adebiaye wrote a generative poem that you can read on the sides of the cards you have in your hand. Still available for 30€

  16. I design Identities

    I worked with Julian Legendre to launch Bluetens, a connected device helping people healing from articular or muscle pain. We designed the identity, the app, the website, the packagings… Our pals at TroisYaourts developped both the website and the app. 

  17. Charles-Édouard is a fashion photographer working under the name of Des Gens en Photo. I did his logo with a custom font he now uses to communicate beside his photos. The font, the colors we chose and the photos create an universe mimicking the fashion press Charles-Édouard works for.

  18. I made the identity for the Laboratoire des baignades urbaines expérimentales, a collective fighting for the right to swim in the open waters of downtown cities.

  19. Together with Julian Legendre we created the identity of the hairdresser Zacharie Amougou. The Monoslab typeface I draw allows to decline all the products and services of Zacharie.

  20. I work on the identity, and the design of Atelier Capsule, a mobile app broadcasting animated stories between comics and animated movies.

  21. Together with Julian Legendre we helped the transmedia studio TroisYaourts define their identity. Their job changing with each project, we created a mutating logotype contained in a simple and steady identity.

  22. A0, a street exibition concept

    A0, a street exibition concept

    Various logos

  23. I design posters

    A lettering made for a poster with the whole story of Alice in wonderland. This is a running project by Bookster, a publisher specialised in editing classics of the literature on posters with a lettering from a different artist for each poster.

    Available for 25 €.

  24. Two posters printed in risography for A Supersticious Exhibition by Countach Studio.

  25. For one year, I worked with the DJ collective Fumisteries to create this series of posters to announce their shows.

  26. A mean poster made for a theatrical experiment.

  27. I do hand lettering

    for Tasca

    for Tasca

    To enrich my type design skills I practice hand-painted lettering for restaurants, bars or cultural places or events. (Feel free to contact me if you're interested).

  28. Sign-painting for le Photobook Fest 2015 in Paris.

  29. I give graphic design classes to children

    Since september 2013 I conduct weekly classes with children at the Club des Enfants Parisiens. I introduce them to printing matters, to type and graphism. We have a lot of fun.

  30. Sometimes, I even create graphic videos

    We co-realized with Alice Martins a short videoclip for the Jazz man Sylvain Rifflet. We constructed a puppet looking like Sylvain and a lot of little buildings in paper and then animated them in a mix of stop motion and after effects. As this videoclip is a lot about loops, it was obvious to create looping gifs from it.

  31. With Julian Legendre, we used to hide from the street by decorating our window with painting. Each new design was the opportunity to film a little video showing the process of creation. Find all of them on Julian's Vimeo.

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